Marla’s Retreats are Unique as they’re all different. Marla often brings International Best Selling Authors and others to share their expertise! She’s Experienced in getting large groups cohesive and creating a safe, comfortable space in beautiful surroundings! She shared after a retreat,”I cast a stone and watch it ripple. I am gifted in getting groups cohesive, after that, God and the group handle the rest”. Marla Loves to Plan Retreats, she’s extremely focused on detail! Her upbeat personality and warmth allows her to establish bonds quickly. Her enthusiasm sets a wonderful tone! Although many retreats offer yoga, Marla also brings in many forms of fitness. Such as, Tai Chi QiGong, BioMechanics, Moving Meditation and Self Defense instructors.

Upcoming Retreats:

There are no upcoming events at this time.



“I wasn’t sure what to expect and your retreat far surpassed anything I could’ve imagined! It was life changing” P.J.

“My weekend with Marla was a period of turning back to the elements and obstructing trappings of one’s life. As we concluded, some members felt a sense of personal healing, some felt a sense of emotional nourishment, and others felt a validation and peacefulness. I can’t quite describe in words what I walked away with….unconditional love, energy and self assurance”

“It was a wonderful weekend! You assembled such a cool group of women,(of course you would), so much depth there”.

“Thank You Fairy Godmother for that wonderful weekend. I feel so rejuvenated, your attention to detail made it so special”

“The healthy meals, paleo light desserts, Brent Steepe class, the beach house, mattresses and sheets all superb!”

“The thoughtful words from you and others is having a noticeable and positive impact on me Now, WOW”

“Thank You for a beautiful weekend! You are so skilled and created such a beautiful setting for us to rejuvenate our Mind, Body and Soul. What a Gift”


“You made a weekend I dreaded into something really incredible! My wife and I will be attending future retreats”S.C.

“My husband and I agree your retreats have had the most profound impact on our marriage”K.A.