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"As You Think, So You Act, As You Act, So You Become"--Unknown

A Testimonial from April 2010:

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How can I thank you for inner peace? I haven't felt this way in years! i feel empowered, refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident! So many things happened this weekend that I never expected. Here I thought my purpose was to attend your retreat in support of my dearest friend with the tragedy in her life, and I walked away with a weekend that surpassed my wildest dreams!

Marla, you are gifted, blessed with talent, your ability to be warm, subtle, yet persuasive, I love everything you stand for! Thank you for being you! Yes, You Changed My Life! Thank YOU! PS: Every detail, every moment of timing was perfect on this retreat!"
Sharon, Clarkston, MI

October 2009 Finding Your Peace
April 2010: A Weekend of Sweet Nothing
October 2010: A Weekend of Slowing Down

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