“There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so” Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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In my private practice, as my mentors have stated, “We treat people, not behavior”. Teaching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness,  Grief & Loss, and DSM5 in a University setting, has kept me updated on the latest research, all aspects of mental health, environmental, and cultural differences. My role is to provide a safe, confidential environment, establish a strong therapeutic alliance, and offer tools to cope more effectively in the real world. I am here and now focused, on being where the the patient is, and focusing on the individualized needs of those seeking treatment. We all experience multiple life stressors and are constantly becoming. I admire your strength in seeking treatment!


Having worked within the Henry Ford Health System, I assist with both mental health and medical issues. Chronic and Terminal illness as well as Hereditary Cancer Risk (BRCA 1-2), psychosocial aspects of risk, i.e.; considering genetic testing, medical/surgical decision making. Marital, Guided Imagery, Grief & Loss, Post Partum Depression/Anxiety and Perinatal Loss.